PI – Predictive Index

Imagine a suite of easy-to-use analytical tools that give you an objective, data-driven approach to hiring and retaining top talent. Great talent lets you achieve great business results and PI can make this a reality for you. PI has 65 years of experience helping small entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies attract the very best employees to help them do their very best work. Silverflux puts this world-class talent optimization expertise in your hands.

With PI, you can:

  • Collect people data that drives great performance
  • Hire and retain top talent 
  • Build self-awareness and improve communication
  • Develop employees and managers
  • Strengthen teams and reduce conflict
  • Build employee loyalty and engagement 

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Our Preditctive Index assessment can help you understand yourself and your employees better, to create a more effective and productive work environment.

The Predictive Index Solution

We Have All The Tools You Need

Predictive Index. Executive Coaching. Team Coaching. Consulting. Training. Silverflux brings the science and the art of management to your business. We combine the very best research based approaches with our extensive practical experience to solve your toughest challenges. Silverflux is your trusted business partner.

Data Collection

Human data is key for creating business success. What if you could understand the whole person? Collecting human data using PI’s assessments, and putting the human data to good use.

Streamline the hiring talent process

Wanting to hire the right person for the job? Using our assessments, you can streamline the hiring process; and take the steps to retain that person in the company.

We do more than training

Silverflux’s management workshops provide you with the tools and knowledge to seamlessly connect your people strategy with your business strategy.

Do more than just manage

A one-size-fits-all management is not correct. Silverflux uses the assessments to elevate management. Build your self-awareness, discovering individuals’ behavioral drives and needs, coaching and developing employees, as well as evaluating how well you’re motivating your team.


See What Others Have To Say About How PI Changed Their Business Landscape

When you align your people strategy to your business strategy you not only increase your ROI, but can also help you attract and maintain top talent. When you invest in your people it shows to the outside world.

The training was extremely informative. I felt like I adapted to who I was speaking with, but learning more about myself, the people I associate with, and how to interact with them under certain circumstances really helps the sales process.

The greatest benefit is having ability understand people better which translates to better communication, better hiring, and better relationships.

I believe PI is an outstanding tool that can truly help organizations and individuals be the best they can be. It was fascinating to learn about ways to utilize the tool effectively, especially in the context of my own organization.

Arouj W. Admissions Rep.

Tim L. Managing Director of Sales

Chris T. Director