Precise. Effective. Easy to Use.

Using the best current research and tools from positive psychology and change management, we can help you to develop greater emotional intelligence, cultivate resilience, sharpen your interpersonal skills, and improve your sense of wellbeing.

Individual Insights

Using Predictive Index assessments to precisely measure the behavioral drives and cognitive ability of each staff member, Silverflux provides employees and their managers practical and effective coaching tools that improve performance, productivity, teamwork, and engagement.

Company Benefits

Your company’s success depends on the quality of your employees. Silverflux helps you build a powerful workforce that delivers the business results that your company expects and deserves.

Interested In Improving Your Business?

Silverflux consulting can build a stronger, more effective, and better organization.

Predictive Index Can Transform Your Approach To Managing Your Staff

Great talent lets you achieve great business results. Imagine a suite of easy to use analytical tools that give you an objective, data driven approach to hiring, managing, and retaining top talent. Precise. Effective. Easy to Use. Predictive Index let’s you optimize your results by optimizing the talent in your company.


Executive Coaching

Great leaders are not born. They have great coaches and mentors that help them to be their best. Coaching from Silverflux can help you achieve your best, manage the stresses of your job more effectively, and achieve a more balanced and happier life.


Team Coaching & Consulting

Even the best team benefit from a fresh look, new tools, and new perspective. The team at Silverflux can help you see your situation through different and very experienced eyes.


Interested In Learning More?

Silverflux consulting can build a stronger, more effective, and better organization.