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Your business faces tremendous challenges every day

Finding, engaging, and keeping great staff is the difference between achieving results and falling behind. Silverflux offers an integrated suite of solutions that help you win the war for talent. Whether you have a single executive that needs coaching or a comprehensive talent management framework, Silverflux is your trusted business partner.

Predictive Index Solutions

Imagine a suite of easy-to-use analytical tools that give you an objective, data-driven approach to hiring and retaining top talent. Great talent lets you achieve great business results.


Executive Coaching

Great leaders are not born that way. Great leaders have coaches and mentors that help them to be their best. Coaching from Silverflux can help you manage the stresses of your job more effectively.



Even the best team benefit from a fresh look, new tools, and new perspective. The team at Silverflux can help you see your situation through different and very experienced eyes.


Take Your PI Assessment

Curious about what drives you? Our Predictive Index assessment can help you understand yourself and your employees better to create a more engaging and productive work environment. It takes only a few minutes and provides valuable insight.


About Tony

Anthony M. Zipple, Sc.D., M.B.A.

Chief Problem Solver

Dr. Zipple is an expert in improving individual, team, and organizational performance. He combines his decades of executive expertise, deep training in coaching and management, and extensive experience in organizational behavior and positive psychology to serve as your trusted business advisor and help you tackle your most difficult business challenges. Certified as a Predictive Index Partner and Talent Management Consultant, Dr. Zipple has the tool to help your organization thrive.

During his extensive career, Dr. Zipple has spent 30 years as a senior executive for three nationally recognized behavioral health organizations and held positions as a consultant, university professor, senior academic researcher, accreditation surveyor, and public administrator. From 2011 to 2018, he was the President and CEO of a company with 1500 staff providing $175 million of direct and contracted behavioral health services to over 35,000 unique individuals. Dr. Zipple holds a doctorate in Rehabilitation Counseling from Boston University, a MMBA from the University of New Hampshire, and a Master’s in Planning and Design from the University of Notre Dame as well as coaching certifications. He has published extensively, lectured and consulted internationally, and is the recipient of the Hall-Render Medical Leadership Award.

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The Business World Moves Quickly

Stay up to date on the latest strategies, techniques, and findings. By staying current with business trends and the predictive index, you can take your business and employees to the next level.

Executive Coaching

No Cost Coaching for You During COVID-19

I know that everyone is buried in COVID 19 activity.    Like most of you, I am watching the spread of the illness and the difficult financial indicators with some alarm. And, like most of you, I am living with limitations on my movement and ability to work, see friends, and play. This is tough stuff, […]

ConsultancyExecutive Coaching

How Do You Know When Your Business In Trouble?

Most businesses have successes and struggles. Everyone wants to celebrate the successes and avoid the bad times. Changes in the market, supply chain, new competitors, and loss of key staff can all trigger a downturn for a business.  While business leaders cannot avoid every problem, they can learn to recognize the early warning signs of […]


Precision Hiring Pays Big Dividends

Think about how companies hire for most positions. First, they write a job description that focuses on tasks and credentials. Next, they write an ad that echoes the job description and includes a few general, glowing comments about the company. They collect and pick resumes that match the job description. Finally, they schedule hone, virtual […]


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Silverflux consulting can build a stronger, more effective, and a better organization.


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With the help of Dr. Zipple, the Predictive Index has helped to take businesses and employees to the next level..

Tony exemplifies these characteristics, combining the best attributes of a leader and coach — listening, sharing experiences, and challenging assumptions. I have benefited greatly by working with Tony and within a short period of time have noticed clear, positive changes to my leadership style that have impacted my organization.

As a member of our Senior Team, I struggled for years in our organization with both communication and team development. I had the hard skills but was lacking with the soft skills necessary to be effective as a leader. With Tony’s help as a business coach, I have been able to develop the skills needed to truly be a team player.

Dr. Zipple has helped me far beyond what I ever expected — not only did he help me get over my immediate stresses and anxieties but he also showed me how to lead a really good life. His kindness, patience, and unconditional positive regard coupled with his scientific side and showing me how to process things is what I attribute my recovery to.

J.A. Leader

L.K. Team Player

J.Y. Employee